Sustainable Design

What do we mean by Sustainable Design?

Our Sustainable Design Principles direct our product development process with respect for the environment and each other. These principles centre on minimizing environmental impact, promoting circularity, and prioritizing the holistic health and well-being of both individuals and the planet.

Our 7 Sustainable Design Principles cover: Low-impact materials; Safer chemistry; Material- and transport-efficiency; User-centric design; Modularity and adaptability; Made to last; Life cycle considerations.

This thorough approach ensures that our designs not only meet the highest sustainability standards but also enrich the lives of those who interact with them.


We aim to make our furniture more circular​

A fundamental principle of circular furniture design lies in the creation of products engineered for longevity, facilitating extended lifespan, repairability, refurbishment, or enhancement, and accommodating shifting needs and preferences over time. This approach necessitates the utilisation of premium-grade materials, modular components for versatility, reversible connections to optimise flexibility, and standardised parts for compatibility and ease of maintenance.

Designed to last

We believe in designs that stand the test of time. Our dedication to quality, durability and longevity means that our products are crafted to last, reducing the need for frequent replacements. Extending the lifetime of a product reduces its environmental impact and conserves resources in the long run.

In fact, we’re so confident in the longevity of our products that we now offer a 25-year warranty on most of our furniture. Keep an eye out for the 25-year warranty symbol around our site to discover more. 

Flex table layout - saving m2
Flex table layout - saving m2

We focus on clever spatial design

At Ocee & Four Design, we specialise in crafting versatile, multi-purpose furniture solutions aimed at optimising space utilisation and conserving valuable square metres. Our approach to spatial efficiency is epitomised by our FourReal® Flex table, meticulously designed to serve various functions within a compact footprint.

This innovative table is ingeniously engineered to adapt to diverse needs, whether it’s providing a conducive environment for focused “head-down” work sessions, offering a comfortable spot for taking a leisurely lunch break, or facilitating dynamic collaboration with colleagues. With its flexible design and adaptable features, the FourReal® Flex table embodies our commitment to maximising functionality without compromising on space efficiency.

Flex table layout - saving m2

EU Ecolabel Certifications

We’re proud to say that currently 3 of our product ranges have been awarded the EU ecolabel certification:

  • FourSure® – 44, 88, 90, 105
  • FourCast® 2 – Four, Line, Counter, High, Counter Four, High Four
  • Share Basic

The EU Ecolabel certifies products that meet strict environmental standards set by the European Union. It assures consumers that the product has lower environmental impacts throughout its lifecycle, from production to disposal, helping them make more sustainable choices.

A black chair with moss under it

Take Back Scheme

(UK only)

Our Take Back Scheme focuses on recycling, rebates, rework, and redistribution to enhance sustainability. We recycle materials, offer rebates, refurbish items to extend their lifespan, and find new homes for furniture through partnerships, all to minimise waste and promote environmental responsibility.

Since November 2019 we have helped to divert 68.8 tonnes of furniture from landfill, saving the equivalent of 171.84 tonnes of CO2. That’s enough CO2 as the equivalent of powering almost 64 homes for a year.