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FourReal® Flex

Meet FourReal® Flex, an innovative addition to our table collection designed for dynamic workspaces. Designed for flexibility, the FourReal® Flex effortlessly accommodates diverse work scenarios, making it the perfect fit for solo tasks, team meetings, and collaborative projects alike. Its versatility shines through, supporting various seating choices from soft seating to task chairs and benches. Customise with optional wooden trays, acoustic panels, power cubes, and cable nets for a functional and aesthetically pleasing workspace.



  • Table height: 74cm with inclined legs and integrated wheels.
  • Optional 25mm gap between tabletops for accessory mounting.
  • Personalise with trays, paper rolls, power cubes, acoustic panels & cable nets.
  • Electrics installation option for tabletops without 25mm gap.
  • Possibility of chair suspension & to install cable net.
  • ABS edge matches tabletop colour.
  • Delivered unassembled and flatpacked.



  • 120 x 120
  • 140 x 140
  • 160 x 160
  • 180 x 120
  • 200 x 140
  • 240 x 120
  • 240 x 140
  • 240 x 160

Please note: if the table is setup without the gap, the width will be 2.5cm less.


Cable Net, Paper Roll Holder (including paper), Chair Suspension, Acoustic Panels, Power Cube, Cable Cut Out, Tray

Maintenance Guide


FourReal Flex table shown in a meeting room.

Design by Studio Ocee

A fully Flex(ible) table option to elevate any space

An epitome of versatility, this table effortlessly adapts to any scenario, from dynamic meeting rooms and bustling canteens to collaborative spaces. Need a private workspace? Utilise it as a solo desk, separated by acoustic panels for added privacy. The addition of trays, doubling as decorative shelves, not only enhances functionality but also adds a touch of aesthetic appeal, making the FourReal® Flex the perfect choice for a wide range of settings. The styling options for this large meeting table are endless.

FourReal Flex table - 2400x1600
FourReal Flex Table 2400x1200
FourReal Flex Table 2400x1200
FourReal Flex Table - 2400x1200
FourReal Flex Table - 2000x1400
FourReal Flex Table - 1400x1400
FourReal Flex Table - 1200x1200

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