Do you speak furniture?

Do you speak furniture, craftsmanship, ingenuity or something else?

Then we would really like to get to know you! Our furniture concepts are smart, inspiring and remarkable – just like the people who work here! 

Working at Ocee & Four Design means you can come to work and be you. We appreciate and value our differences. We believe this is key to crackling teamwork, rapid firecracker ideas, and thinking out of the box. Unity not uniform is fundamental to us.

When we say we have a passion for people, we mean it. From our very first meeting, we intend to show you that we walk the talk. Whether our first meeting is on the phone or reading your application, we want you to have the best experience possible during the recruitment process. 

Find your space at Ocee & Four Design

We invest in and hire people who do what they do well. Talented people. Curious people. Kind people. 

Does that sound like you? See if we have any vacancies on our LinkedIn page or send us an unsolicited application.

Please note: will save your application for six months. Read more about our GDPR.


The Application Process

Step 1: Apply

Carefully read the job description, explore our values, and research our organisation. Then, highlight your passions and what drives you. Let your unique qualities shine through in your application.

Our corporate language is English. We are part of a global company, and speaking English is part of every meeting, email, and other forms of communication. So, your English skills have to be pretty awesome to work here. You’ll have to apply in English unless we mention another language in the job advert.

Imagine that you are already in the role. Tell us about your motivation and how you expect to fulfil the role. We are looking for your strengths and how you see yourself grow and develop in the role. Do you see any challenges? In short: Show us that you have done your homework and how we as a company can benefit from your skillset.

After capturing our interest in your application, we're eager to see your CV. Provide a professional overview of your career, details about your education, and a presentation of competencies that align with the job description. A brief personal introduction is all we need. Think of the function and design of your CV and – if possible – give us an aha-experience - hint hint.

Send us your application and CV through our recruitment system. Please note, we will only accept your documents through this system in order to fulfil GDPR requirments. If your application has come through successfully, you will receive an email confirming this.

Step 2: Interview

The purpose of the interview is for us to understand you as a person, and your professional background in relation to the vacancy. When you prepare for the interview, think of situations in the past which explain how you work and act, what preferences you have, what is essential for you in your job, and how you add value to the company. During the interview, we will ask for examples – situations where you demonstrate your ways of handling challenges and tasks.

Alright, shoulders down. Relax. We just want to get to know you better, give you a presentation of Ocee & Four Design, and the role. Please prepare relevant questions to make sure that you get the information you find necessary for you to make a decision. Before the interview, we may ask you to participate in psychometric or ability testing. We will give you feedback on your results during the interview and use the information as part of the dialogue and interview.

The first interview will be between our Head of HR, your manager, and you. If you get a call back for a second interview, you can expect to meet HR, your future manager, a colleague, or maybe even the director.

Step 3: Decision

This process usually takes a few days, but we will try and get back to you as soon as possible.

So, we’ve decided; you got the job! Hopefully, you are as excited as we are. Our third meeting will in person, online, or by phone. We agree on the terms and conditions and then finalise the employment contract.

All candidates will receive feedback. Candidates who have been invited for an interview will receive personal feedback by phone. We strive to clarify to all everyone why you did not move forward in the process. Candidates who have not moved on in the process will receive a written reply. In some situations, we reply while the process is still running in order for you to be clarified as soon as possible. In other situations, we respond when the process has been finalised.

Step 4: Welcome

Often when the contract has been signed, we must wait a little longer before you start your new job. During this period, we will stay in touch to prepare you for your first day. You are welcome to do the same, so you feel as comfortable as possible on your first working day. Within the last week before your entry, we will send you an onboarding programme to prepare you in the best way possible for your new role.

Entering a new job can be quite a challenge. We know. We are responsible for your success in the role. Therefore, a planned, meticulous onboarding programme is made when you start working with us. We want to make sure that you meet all of your new colleagues, and get a good understanding of the organisation. The onboarding programme also includes frequent follow up dialogues with your line manager to ensure that you feel comfortable in your new job. An open and honest dialogue is essential for us because we want you to grow into the job in the best possible way.

You even get a mentor. We team you up with a senior colleague from a different department within the company who you can ask about anything. The mentoring is informal, and your mentor can guide you through the challenges you face during your first few months. Work-related professional questions can be discussed with your line managers or colleagues.

A bit more about who we are

  • We care about a healthy work-life balance. Focusing in on tasks, teaming up and getting inventive requires precisely that. 
  • We work across cultures and in teams across departments because we believe working together creates the best results. 
  • We appreciate and recognise the important contribution of everyone and ensure that we offer opportunities for learning, development, and growth. 
  • We smile a lot, celebrate team efforts, do charity together, have a really delicious lunch, have cool staff parties, and have good sense of humour – well, at least we think so.

Have any questions? Contact our Group HR Manager, Emma Welch, via email:


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