Take Back Scheme

Why throw out when we can take back?

The issue of furniture waste has reached alarming proportions. Every year, countless desks, chairs, and tables end up in landfills, contributing to depletion of valuable resources and environmental degradation. The linear “take-make-dispose” model has resulted in a cycle of waste, with perfectly good furniture being disposed of prematurely.

As a manufacturer of new furniture, we know we are part of the problem and understand our responsibility to provide an alternative.

Our Take Back scheme allows us to work with our customers to responsibly remove their existing furniture, avoiding creating more waste in landfill when refitting your space.

The Options


Items will be removed from your site and handled appropriately. Transport is organised to waste management partners, who handle the appropriate recycling of individual parts. 


Resell your furniture to a network of buyers. You will then receive a rebate for the items sold, offsetting your project costs.


Your furniture can be revitalised by skilled professionals, whether that is reupholstering chairs or recutting tables into sizes that will fit your space.


We will conduct an asset survey of your furniture and add items in good working condition to a ‘Social Showroom’. The platform allows schools and charities to source furniture for their spaces, free-of-charge.

Frequently Asked Questions

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Our Take Back Scheme is part of our pledge to contribute to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. Find out more about our Sustainability Commitment here.

If you have any questions or are interested in talking to us about our efforts, please contact our Group Sustainability and Environmental Manager: Giulia Neuhaus