Sustainability Resources

Our Certifications

Ocee & Four Design is deeply committed to both environmental responsibility and delivering outstanding customer satisfaction. We firmly believe that the most effective way to uphold these priorities is through structured management of our environmental impacts and product quality, coupled with the attainment of relevant certifications.



Product Resources

Using the MÅLBAR software, we conduct life cycle assessments (LCAs), cradle-to-grave. One of the outputs is the climate impact, measured in CO₂e (CO₂ equivalent), providing insights into the environmental impact of our products.

We are updating our product fact sheets to include sustainability data. You will find these in the resources section of our website and under the individual product pages. 

Extended Warranty

Have peace of mind when choosing our products with our 25-year and 10-year warranty’s offered across a wide range of our products. 

Our extended warranties not only demonstrate our commitment to quality and reliability, and our journey to becoming a more sustainable choice, but also reinforce our dedication to customer satisfaction.

Look out for products with the 25-year or 10-year logo across our website and discover more about our extended warranty here.