About Us

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We are Ocee & Four Design.
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We turn good
spaces into great

Where it all began

Our story dates back to more than 90 years

Our way of conducting business is rooted in an entrepreneurial mindset and the ability to spot and take advantage of opportunities at the right time and in the right way. The journey began in the 1930s as a coach building business, and since then, we have overcome many hurdles to be where we are now.

Today, we are a contemporary furniture manufacturer with sales throughout Europe, Asia, North America and Australia.

Who we are now - rebranded!

Our furniture in focus

Function, Design and "Aha"

We take pride in crafting more than just visually appealing furniture; we design intelligent and practical solutions that seamlessly integrate into everyday environments, be it an office, university, break room, or reception area. Our motivation stems from the concept of turning good spaces into great experiences and putting a smile on our clients faces with smart and sometimes unexpected functionalities. 

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A group of modular seating office sofas and office work booths and chairs and couches in a room.
Disassembled chair outline including sustainable data

Sustainability at the Forefront

Let's furnish the world better

Conducting business in a sustainable way is on our agenda. For us, it is an ongoing process. This is how we at Ocee & Four Design strategically commit ourselves to making the most sustainable choices as a furniture manufacturer.

We're People-Centric

One for all, all FOUR one

Living with values at our forefront is vital. We practise them—every day.

We Aim to Amaze

Going the extra mile is in our nature; it is not an aim. Our service is not average, our people are not average, and our customers’ experience will not be average. 

We Have a Passion for People

We recruit, develop and recognise positive, passionate team players who share our culture and values and want to be the best they can be. By respecting individuality we create a diverse team that enriches our community. 

We Collaborate to Innovate

Our international team is full of passionate, bright, knowledgeable and very capable individuals, who have different heritage and experiences. Our strength will be as a result of combining this talent through collaboration and teamwork. 

We Are Ambitious, with Humility

We are continually seeking ways to embrace change, grow and strengthen our business, but we will do so with humility and consideration for everyone associated with the company.

We Act Responsibly

In everything we do, there is a consideration for people, the planet and financial security. Collectively, as an international company, we are committed to acting responsibly, celebrating diversity, and promoting sustainability. We know every single local effort contributes to the wider global impact.