Acoustic Panels

A Sound Investment: Elevating Office Environments



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Product Details

Our adaptable acoustic panels, specifically crafted alongside the FourReal Flex collection, offer a smart solution for enhancing open office spaces by minimising noise and enhancing privacy. With easy adjustability, these panels contribute to- an aesthetically pleasing workplace design. Their flexibility not only fosters improved communication but also enables swift adjustments to different table setups, optimising space usage and fostering a more comfortable and productive work environment.

  • Made of 60% recycled PET
  • Available in two colours: Anthracite or Light Grey
  • Hanging version (only for FourReal® A Flex) has black elastic straps and black steel clips
  • Standing version can be mounted in the 25 mm gap on FourReal® Flex/A Flex
  • Standing version can also be freestanding and used across all tables
  • Trapezium shape complements the FourReal® Family
  • Standing panel foot doubles as a device/magazine holder

550 x 440, 1100 x 440, 1300 x 440

Design by Studio Ocee

Environmental data

Example: Acoustic Standing 550 x 440mm

Recycled Content




Carbon Footprint


Kg CO2e per unit

Product Variants

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