FourReal® 741 Flake

An untraditional and unique pentagon table



VOC FourReal 741
Heat Test FourReal 741, DA
Heat Test FourReal 741, DE
Heat Test FourReal 741, EN
EN 15372 FourReal 741 200x100, DA
EN 15372 FourReal 741 200x100, DE
EN 15372 FourReal 741 200x100, EN
EN 15372 FourReal 741 140x100, DA
EN 15372 FourReal 741 140x100, DE
EN 15372 FourReal 741 140x100, EN
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Fact Sheet FourReal 741, DA
Fact Sheet FourReal 741, EN
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Revit FourReal 741
3DS FourReal 741
OBJ FourReal 741
DWG FourReal 741
OBJ FourReal 741 RoomInRoom
DWG FourReal 741 RoomInRoom
3DS FourReal 741 RoomInRoom
Revit FourReal 741 RoomInRoom
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Evoline One

Evoline FrameDock

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Product Details

Experience endless creativity with our innovative tables. Rooted in the principles of democratic design, the Four®Real 741 offers agile, flexible solutions for people to connect at eye level. An inspiring framework for collaboration in any working environment, its tangible design and organic shapes create a natural gathering point. Available with 4 or 5 sides.   25 year warranty icon
  • 70% FSC® Mixed. Not every specification within these ranges is currently certified but they can be on request. Please contact our Internal Sales team for more information.
RoomInRoom, trolley, chair suspension, electrical units, cable duct, linking device
140 x 100, 200 x 100, 198 x 100 ellipse, 160 x 100 half ellipse, 140 x 129 Diamond

Design by Studio Ocee

Environmental data

FourReal® 741 Flake Rectangle 1400 X 800

Recycled Content




Carbon Footprint


Kg CO2e per unit

Product Variants

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