An office with a table, chairs and windows.

In need of a bit of privacy?

RoomInRoom is designed to create space and visual barriers. In an instant, you can create a room in the room and obtain better acoustics, increased concentration, and privacy.

A laptop on an adjustable stand next to a green couch.

Perfectly tailored to the needs of the user

To ask, why, allows us to look at our surroundings with curiosity and creativity. It prompts us to explore and experience different situations. It can add purpose and expand knowledge.

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A room with office tables and office desk chairs and a large window.
A modern office with a lot of office furniture and plants.
A white and grey dining room with chairs and tables.

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A 3d rendering of an office with blue office sofas and a table and office screen dividers

FourPeople Family

FourPeople has been designed as a complete system for the…

A share basic office chair with black legs and a wooden seat

Share Basic

Create a beautiful, collaborative space where ideas flow freely by…

Adjustable height work table with laptop on it in front of an orange office sofa


To ask, why, allows us to look at our surroundings…

Svendborg Business School
The interior of a canteen with canteen furniture, community tables and chairs.

Svendborg Business School

The architecture of the school is bold in character, with a unique yellow load-bearing ceiling construction that runs throughout the entire building.

The large canteen, with its high ceiling, is the perfect setting for the FourReal and FourReal A tables. These tables are multi-functional and invite group work, casual conversations, and informal meetings throughout the day. By adding biophilic elements, you can add personality to your space while creating an inviting and comfortable spot.

A conference room with a long designer office table and chairs.

The Ministry of Defence

Located on Holmens Kanal Denmark, an incredibly beautiful and grand old building houses the Ministry of Defence, with Denmark’s National Bank, Christiansborg Palace, and the Stock Exchange as its neighbors.

This enormous building has undergone a complete renovation, with a strong emphasis on preserving the historic architecture, materials, and quality. The Ministry of Defence building serves as a testament to the country’s rich history, and its preservation ensures that future generations can continue to appreciate it.

An office with office desk chairs, designer office tables, and stools and office work booths

Titan Tech Town

At Tech Town, in Odense Denmark, it was of the essence to create a “Feel-like home” atmosphere along with convenience and community.

Therefore, the interior is designed with furniture which softens the atmosphere and creates a calm and safe feel. Moreover, they invite the user to interact and use them creatively.

Three office desk chairs and a table in a room.

SDE Denmark

In the cafeteria at SDE in Odense, the interior focuses on organic shapes, calm colours and inspirational elements of traditional craftsmanship.

The main emphasis in the decor of the new canteen was placed on the small spaces in the big room. Creating room to seat many people together, but also room to immerse in work, and calm spots to relax was important.