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A waterfall seat. Yes you heard correctly. That is what makes Poise sublime. The waterfall seat has rounded edges like a rock smoothed by water, and thereby accommodates people of all body types. Poise also has a comprehensive range of ergonomic features specially designed to relieve leg and backpressure. All in all, Poise provides the perfect balance between style, comfort and durability.

A waterfall seat. Yes you heard correctly. That is what makes Poise sublime.



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Design by Studio Ocee

Designed for good posture…

We spend a significant part of our day sat in a chair, therefore the chair that we use has a big impact on our posture, comfort and productivity. A well designed ergonomic chair with good adjustability will allow most people of different sizes to achieve good comfort, support and can also encourage healthy movement.

Knowing how to correctly set up a chair is very important to ensure that you adopt a neutral posture with support in the correct areas of the body. Most people only ever adjust their seat height without taking advantage of the other seat features that are designed to ensure comfort and wellbeing.

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