FourSure® 105

Sit higher with our FourSure® 105 office high chair


High quality & comfort

The FourSure® 105 office stool places a strong emphasis on comfort. Its ergonomically designed seat provides exceptional support, allowing for extended periods of sitting without sacrificing comfort. This versatility makes it suitable for various office uses, whether for collaborative work or impromptu discussions.

Multiple customisation options

The FourSure® 105 also offers a diverse range of colour options, ensuring easy integration into any professional or casual office setting. The careful choice of finishes and materials ensures that it not only complements existing decor but also adds a touch of refinement.


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EN 16139 FourSure 105, EN
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Product Details

The FourSure® 105 office high chair stands tall, surpassing the 90 version. It’s a stackable skid frame chair that can effortlessly elevate your workspace. The seat’s inviting comfort and sleek design bring a modern touch with a hint of warmth. Whether you’re in need of an office stool or a high chair, the FourSure® 105 offers a versatile solution. With a diverse range of colors to choose from, it seamlessly fits into any casual or professional setting.


25 year warranty icon

Grib hole, gliders
Polypropylene shell, Seat pad, Inside upholstery, Fully upholstered

Design by Strand+Hvass

Product Variants

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