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Balancing privacy and aesthetics

Create functional zones effortlessly with these room divider panels, as they provide a seamless solution for dividing open spaces. Whether you want to establish dedicated workstations, quiet focus areas, or collaborative hubs, these office dividers offer a stylish and effective way to structure your office environment. The panels’ acoustic properties ensure that each zone maintains a level of privacy, fostering a conducive atmosphere for focused work or team collaboration. Plus, they can be quickly and easily reconfigured to adapt to the ever changing needs of your space.


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Product Details

Introducing FourPeople Panels/Stand Alone – room divider panels designed for optimising office spaces. Crafted to enhance both acoustic and visual privacy, these standalone panels serve as an elegant room divider in any professional environment. Designed with precision, these acoustic office dividers seamlessly integrate into a work layouts, offering a tailored solution for enhanced privacy without compromising on aesthetics.

700, 900, 1400, 2100
Stand Alone, convex, concave

Design by Nørgaard Design

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