FourLikes® Scooter

Where fun meets mobility!


Versatile, Vibrant, Vital

Scoot over! Keywords: Movability and flexibility. Whether you’re in schools, vibrant break rooms, or collaborative workspaces, the Scooter modules offer engaging, flexible, and space-optimising solutions.

Craft Your Unique Workspace!

Redefine versatility in your environment, and let your imagination run free as you explore styling and modular creativity in creating a workspace that’s uniquely yours.


EN 16139 FourLikes Scooter Bench 2100, DA
EN 16139 FourLikes Scooter Bench 2100, DE
EN 16139 FourLikes Scooter Bench 2100, EN
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Fact Sheet FourLikes, DA
Fact Sheet FourLikes, EN
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OBJ FourLikes Scooter
DWG FourLikes Scooter
3DS FourLikes Scooter
Revit FourLikes Scooter
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Evoline One

How to install linking device
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Maintenance Guide
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Product Details

Embrace mobility and flexibility with FourLikes® Scooter modules! These versatile units offer boundless possibilities, allowing you to customise and add a touch of personality to match your specific spatial needs or work culture. With engaging, flexible, and space-optimising features, the Scooter modules redefine versatility in the workplace.

Linking device, electrical units
Straight, 45 degree, 90 degree

Design by Nørgaard Design

Product Variants

pCon Generator

Create, configure and download as DWG-files in a blink of an eye

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