In Conversation with Designer & Interior Architect, Sharon Fisher

Tell us about your thoughts on the new colours: Terracotta and Clay?

“When I was presented with this project, I wanted to create something timeless. That was my original thought. And then I tried to create a palette of calm yet lively colours that would fit in with the existing colour palette. Tones that would change based on its surrounding elements. For instance, the surfaces of your tables, textiles and most importantly, the room. The room above all”.

What inspired you when creating Terracotta and Clay?

“Drawing on my background as a Textile Designer, I was inspired by the deep nuances of wool upholstery fabric and the idea of connecting and weaving the new colours into the existing colour palette. I wanted to create colours with a long lifespan, that was really important to me”.

What are your favourite colours to work with?

“I love working with intermediate colours, or tertiary colours. They give so much to the room. Not only do they blend beautifully, but they also change according to the inflow of light or shade. Tertiary colours simply give more than solid colours. A bright yellow will never change. Solid colours also claim the room. They don’t give back. Tertiary colours bring calmness, and as a result, they are confident and self-contained. They don’t need to prove or promote themselves. In that sense, they are quite clever”.

“Terracotta and Clay get along. Their interrelationship is reliable, but they are also managing on their own. Because they take colour from the surrounding environment and give back accordingly.”
Sharon Fisher

What are the qualities of terracotta and clay?

“They bring such warmth to the room because they are intermediate. And that is the feeling I would like to convey. Warmth. The warmth and the earthiness of tertiary colours offer a return to nature and environmental conscience. Calm and time for reflection. They are so down to earth and bring quietude to the room. I think it is lovely that you can indulge in calm and not have to fight your surroundings. Surrounded by warmth, you feel safe.

Most importantly, terracotta and clay get along. Their interrelationship is reliable, but they are also managing on their own. Because they take colour from the surrounding environment and give back accordingly. Changing qualities enable different experiences. Different expressions. Depending on the source of light. Whether its daylight, twilight or artificial light, these colours stand firm. They may increase in beauty as the light changes during the day, but they are worthy all day long”.

Chair shells in the colours Terracotta and Clay

What is your perception of sustainable colours?

What I stand for when designing interiors or creating colours encapsulates sustainability. Because what I do is designed to last. The longevity of the new tones is everlasting. They may be muted, but never a fad. To me, that is sustainable. Terracotta and Clay will have a long life due to their changeable qualities. You don’t need to replace them. They adapt to whatever they are accompanied by. They give and take. Being creative and reusing in new constellations rather than replacing them with time, to me, that is both clever and considerate.


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