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Step into the Ocee & Four Design Experience Lab, where innovation meets imagination to redefine the workplace experience. 

Explore a world of possibilities as you craft every detail of your workspace, from the ambiance and functionality to the sustainability and inclusivity of the design. Dive into our curated selection of options, including fabric and finish choices, acoustic solutions, and inclusive design considerations, all geared towards elevating your workplace experience to new heights. Join us on a journey where every decision you make shapes an environment that inspires creativity, productivity, and well-being.

Welcome to Experience Lab, where your vision transforms into reality.

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Aesthetic Appeal: Choose your finish

The finishes you choose weave the story your telling. Infuse your space with colour and personality with custom upholstery, colourful accents and space-enhancing accessories to enhance productivity and creativity, reflect brand identity, and foster a positive company culture. 

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Sustainability Matters