David Fox

Elegance and refinement, along with well balanced, innovative, simplistic forms is what describes the design style of award-winning industrial and product designer David Fox. His design is characterised by curiosity and vision, which gives it a contemporary yet timeless aesthetic.

About David Fox

The simpler an object is, the less you have to dislike over a period of time. If you use the example of a table or chair, you see or interact with it on a daily basis for a number of years. As an object, this has to be something that offers long term visual harmony.

Over the years David Fox has won 17 international awards from Red Dot, Good Design Award to FX product designer of the Year in 2009. His timeless simplistic approach to design has been welcomed by the A&D community for over a decade and has led to a wide range of successful collaborations.



Products designed by David Fox

A bench in front of a window.


Imagine walking into a large atrium to meet the hero…