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One table, infinite possibilities

Say Hello to FourReal® Flex!

The FourReal® Flex and FourReal® A Flex tables seamlessly extend our FourReal® Family, offering innovative space-saving features and unparalleled flexibility. This expansive table, available with or without our distinctive A-frame, effortlessly adjusts to a multitude of work scenarios.

Versatility lies at the heart of the FourReal® Flex Family, accommodating a range of seating options, from soft seating to task chairs and benches. This flexibility empowers users to tailor their workspace to their preferences. Elevate customisation to new heights by incorporating wooden trays, acoustic panels, power cubes, and cable nets, enabling you to create a space that effortlessly merges functionality with aesthetic charm.

Boundless potential, with a single table

Embrace a new era of dynamic work with FourReal® Flex. 

The defining feature of the FourReal® Flex Family is its unmatched adaptability—a large office table that seamlessly adjusts to evolving work needs while maximising space efficiency. Crafted to accommodate diverse functions and settings, whether for individual tasks, team meetings, collaborative projects, or communal dining, its intelligent design optimises square footage in the workplace.

Its smooth integration with the established Ocee & Four Design collections ensures a unified aesthetic. Redefining the possibilities of personalised workspaces, its adaptability and user-friendly design establish a fresh benchmark for the contemporary workplace.

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FourReal Flex table shown in a meeting room.

FourReal® Flex

FourReal® A Flex


Acoustic Panels

An oak and a black power cube on a table

Power Cube