Roger Webb Associates

Extensive experience, research, knowledge and skill that is what lies beneath designs by Roger Webb Associates. The result is astonishing furniture with a soft simplicity and a uniqueness in their appearance. Moreover, the design consultancy is committed to resolving the restrictions imposed by function and ergonomics while creating economical solutions with visual and technical innovation, marked by delicacy and softness.

Designer Roger Webb

About Roger Webb Associates

Our passion for design is tailored to client needs, supporting them to achieve a leading position in their market. We aim to help organisations adapt to the changing cultures of today’s working and living environments.

Established in 1989, Roger Webb Associates have become synonymous with creating award-winning solutions for many of the key brands in the furniture industry within the UK and Europe. It is a design consultancy with extensive experience, knowledge and skill working within commercial and industrial mass production.

Products designed by Roger Webb Associates

Two office sofas with a office coffee table.

Harc Family

The Harc family is the ideal choice for these spaces…

A reception room with a green office sofa and lounge chairs for offices.


Are you ever in need of the perfect unassuming huddle…

Five lounge chairs for offices and a table in a lobby.

Harc Tub

Do you sometimes need a shelter in the office? A…

a black office corner sofa

Harc Modular

Are you ever in need of the perfect unassuming huddle…

A group of lounge chairs for offices in a lobby with large windows.

Harc Booth

Welcome to the next level of visual and acoustic privacy!…

A group of lounge chairs for offices in a room with a brick wall.

Harc Tub Tables

Care for a cup of coffee? Harc offers a wide…