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Have you ever needed a comfortable alternative place to sit? Well, Casino is your answer. The Casino stool range is an excellent addition to any open space where touchdown seating allows people to take a break or catch-up with colleagues in an informal environment. Depending on your choice of upholstery, colours, and materials, Casino shows either conspicuous bravery or a more relaxed attitude.

Have you ever needed a comfortable alternative place to sit? Well, Casino is your answer.


Casino Circular Stool, Casino Circular Stool/1 Crescent, Casino Circular Stool/2 Crescent

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A room with a wooden floor and two ottomans.

Design by Studio Ocee

A stool is not just a stool, and a bench is not just a bench.

Even though stools and benches are often used for quick, spontaneous meetings and extra seating, they need to consider not only aesthetics but also comfort and functionality.

Therefore, all members of our stools and benches family accommodate comfort, flexibility and are stimulating towards an active way of being seated, which will provide more comfort and convenience every day. Likewise, the members of our stools and benches family will add flexibility and elegance to any space. So pull up a seat, kickback or do whatever it is you do! We’ll help you find the perfect stool or bench for your multifunctional area.

A black cylinder shaped ottomon
A black ottomon
A black ottomon

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