Ernest Race

As a key figure in twentieth-century British furniture design, Ernest Races’ skill was to use ingenious manufacturing processes to create contemporary furniture from improvised or recycled materials. His design language was light and playful. The Flamingo, Heron, Antelope and Roebuck are just a few of his iconic designs that have grown into universal classics.

Ernest Race

Ernest Race was born in Newcastle-upon-Tyne in 1913 and graduated in interior design from London’s Bartlett School of Architecture. After World War II, Race started his collaboration with engineer J.W. Noel Jordan to design functional, mass-produced furniture. Race and Jordan named their company Ernest Race Limited (later Race Furniture) to capitalise on Race’s architect and designer contacts. In 1945-46 they responded to the government’s call to manufacture affordable furniture from the limited list of unrestricted materials.

Ernest Race Collection

Products designed by Ernest Race


The Flamingo is regarded as a true classic. Ernest Race…


Whimsical and full of frivolous optimism. Just some of the…

Antelope Bench

Whimsical and full of frivolous optimism. Just some of the…


The BA3 was Ernest Race’s first design for Race Furniture.

The Rocker

A highly collectable design icon with a very English sense…


A stackable classic. By combining an understated aesthetic with robust,…